Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to the Flatland Gun Nut!

This blog was set up for me to "publish" some of my rantings about firearms, training, tactics, and gear reviews. I love shooting sports, and part of my writing will try to better inform my audience about safe handling techniques, and cut through the liberal garbage about guns being the devil. In my travels (which have taken me from the Midwest to the Middle East), it seems that the most adamantly anti-gun people have no idea how a gun works, or how to safely handle one.

As for me, I am an infantryman in the National Guard in the Midwest. I have done a tour in Afghanistan and am looking forward to serving my country again. I have been in ground combat, and earned my Combat Infantry Badge.I have been a gunner on a Mk.-19 grenade machinegun, M240B medium machinegun, AT-4 light anti-tank rocket, M16 series rifle, M203 grenade launcher, ...etc....etc. I am also a Junior in college (granted, I'm older than most students, but not that old) majoring in Criminal Justice. I spent my formative years studying ballistics, reading up on foreign weapons, hunting, and spending many happy hours shooting targets on my range on the family farm. I don't have an extensive arsenal, but a few years ago, I was qualified on almost every small-arm in the U.S. inventory. Right now, I am awaiting the arrival of a Lee Anniversary Kit reloading press so I can start reloading for my Savage 10FP HS Precision. (expect some gear reviews including Millett scopes, Savage accutrigger rifles, and Harris bipods.) Oh, and I also occasionally write for when I can find my thesaurus.

I don't take myself too seriously, but I pledge to keep all my reviews as unbiased as possible, and I will not joke about weapons handling techniques because I don't want to confuse people who seek advice, nor do I want to write anything that can be used by the leftist media or their affiliates to try and take away 2nd Amendment rights, or make gun owners look bad.

Thanks for reading my rantings!

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