Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Rant From the Gun Nut

Anyone else out there into single action revolvers? I just got the bug. Well, I got the bug a few years ago. I got the money recently. I'd like a Blackhawk in .45 Colt with a big, cheesy leather rig-- but not because I want to dress up like a cowboy and enter a contest under the pseudonym of "Buckshot Houghton". Single action revolvers look stupid in sleek, modern, plastic holsters. And here we find the source of my rant:

Why isn't there a club for normal folks who just enjoy shooting a single action revolver? I used to shoot IDPA matches as a teenager. I borrowed a Browning Hi-Power from a friend's mom, and held my own against fat old men with 1911s in .45ACP. Of course, I got beaten soundly by men who could've been my grandfather. Men who could reload a S&W 625 faster than I could reload my borrowed Hi-Power. I don't want to take a single action Blackhawk to an IDPA or IPSC revolver class match. There'd be no point. The scoring is based on speed and accuracy. Well, a Blackhawk is really only good at one of those. Reloading anything with a loading gate is next to impossible to do quickly. In short, all I could do is shoot "fun" class matches. My score would be utterly useless, and there'd be no competition.

I don't want to shoot my Blackhawk in competition THAT bad....

My other choice is no better: Dress up like a cowboy and get beaten by fat old men dressed like cowboys. The kind of men who won't listen to Roy Orbison because he's "too new wave-ish". If I'm going to be beaten in a pistol match (which is the most likely outcome), I'd rather not be wearing a silly costume while I get beat by a fat old man in an equally silly costume. Isn't there a club out there for people like me? Honest, hard-working young men who want to enjoy a simpler kind of shooting, not to mention some friendly competition--without playing dress up at the same time?

Before I receive literally a handful of irate e-mails from SASS members, please hear me out. Your pastime is just fine. Dressing up is not for me. If you enjoy it, by all means, go for it. I am only lamenting that SASS is the only club where a Blackhawk wouldn't get smoked by the competition. I want to compete, but I'd rather not dress up while I do so.

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