Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Props to J&G Sales

I ordered my S&W Model 64 (square butt, very good condition) from J&G sales at 11:29AM central time. I got an update via email at 6:09PM central time stating that my order had shipped (2nd day air, per federal law regarding the shipping of handguns).

All too often we hear horror stories about retailers, so I thought I'd buck the trend and give some props to a retailer who has supplied me with three firearms so far. Way to go, J&G, keep up the good work.


James said...

Soon enough, I'll have to order something from them. I need something with a bit of history. My guns are all whipper-snappers.

DC Houghton, esq. said...

All of mine are senior citizens or made of orphan souls.

James said...

Dr. Byron Orpheus: [after examining Dr. Venture's latest invention] What the hell is this thing made out of?

Dr. Venture: [suspiciously] Nothing.

Dr. Byron Orpheus: Come on...

Dr. Venture: All right, fine, I might have used a few unorthodox parts.

Dr. Byron Orpheus: Just tell me one.

Dr. Venture: [mumbling] An... orphan.

Dr. Byron Orpheus: A what?

Dr. Byron Orpheus: [clearing his throat] An orphan?

Dr. Venture: Did you say... an ORPHAN?

Dr. Venture: [weakly] Yeah, a little orphan boy.

Dr. Byron Orpheus: It's powered by a forsaken child?

Dr. Venture: [defensive] Might be, kind of - I mean I didn't use the whole thing!