Friday, September 4, 2009

One More Nail In The Caliber Debate Coffin

Both images shamelessly stolen from the interwebs. The authors behind both were clearly brilliant. Cheers.

Look, chest thumping 9mm bashers! Look at the ballistics gel test! Look at it and tell me there is a meaningful difference between 9mm and .45ACP. Yes, the permanent cavities are slightly different, but it looks to me like they both caused "caliber and a half" permanent cavities and penetrated more than 12", per FBI recommendations. I'm not knocking bigger calibers, I'm just trying to throw some cold water on the "9mm is too small" crowd. Don't carry it if you don't want to, but don't pretend that it is not a capable caliber.

Pick the one you like, and practice, practice, practice. If you can't hit the 10 ring, it doesn't matter how big your projectiles are!

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James said...

But..... .45 ACP is much more powerful than 9MM! 9MM will only annoy a person, whereas .45 ACP will drop most anybody with one shot! This isn't something you can apply your "science" too!