Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Police Dream

I'm going to test for a position with a small town police department this weekend. I stand a good chance of getting the job, what with me being in excellent physical condition and being college educated. It doesn't pay much, but it's what I want to do. At least until I find work as a highly paid mercenary or win the lottery. Anyway, this job opportunity is solid gold for me as a gun nut. Not because I plan on using my gun, or even want to. The last time this town lost a police officer was in the mid 1920s, and I think he was hit by a steam engine (I'm not kidding). It's solid gold because now when my wife asks "Why do you need ANOTHER gun?" I can say "But honey, I need it for work!". Perfect!

For a handgun , I would prefer an M&P40. I'm not a fan of the 40S&W, but I've spoken to the Chief about it, and it is their S.O.P. to carry 40S&W. They issue Glocks, but the Chief said he could make an exception as long as the unit armorer approved (this is a 3-man police department, and they have an armorer). I shoot Glocks well, but I'm faster and more confident with the superbly ergonomic M&P.

James and I have been arguing at length over what I should carry for a long gun. As I've written several times here, it is foolhardy NOT to go for the long gun when violence is expected. Now, this is a very rural town with a population under 2000. If I need a big gun it will be either for killing wounded animals, or blasting away at bank robbers (it happened in 2001 or 2002-- our Chief of Police had his eye shot out by 1920s-style bank robbers). I have three ideas in the running. First, a Benelli M2 Tactical with a standard stock.
I've also beaten this dead horse quite a bit. It doesn't get any more versatile than a 12ga shotgun. And this is one of the fastest semi-autos available to people who can't afford an AA12. Yeah, a pump (like my Benelli Nova) would get the job done, but this is just slicker. And nearly $1000.

Another absurdly priced gun on my list is a DSA FAL Paratrooper (OSW model shown with 13" barrel not available in Iowa).Because I live in Iowa, I'd have to have the 16" barrel, or the ATF will lock me up forever. And I'm not built for prison. Anyway, the 16" barrel version measures 27" with the stock folded, making it very compact and easy to store. I'd have it set up largely as shown...which would cost about $3000. I cringed too. This isn't really any better than an AR-10 now that Magpul is making 20rd AR-10 mags for a VERY reasonable $20 each. AR-10 mags used to run around $45 each, and FAL mags were $15-$25 each.

Another one I'm looking at is the DPMS LR-AP4 in .308. Slap an EOTech 512AA on there and I'm done. This one goes into the running because I can have one more or less built-to-order for $1700. They're only around $1000 for a base model. They're good rifles, so I hear. The best part here is that this operates exactly like my AR-15 and the M16/M4 series rifles I've been shooting for almost 10 years now--this one's just been stuck in the copier at 125%. I could also nearly afford to shoot it because the AR action is very gentle on brass so I could reload the empties and plink on my days off. Maybe one day there will be cheap 7.62x51 NATO surplus again. I won't hold my breath.

This is what I plan to blow your taxpayer dollars on. Well, if I get the job.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck w/ bagging the job. It does indeed sound like a dream gig.

Re: Long Arms. Data suggests that you'd be better served by something carbine-esque, rather than a shotgun. I've always been a fan of Remington pump-action rifles. They have a 16.5" barrel, handle like an 870, and you can get them in .308.

nora said...

Good luck on getting the job. They'd have to be crazy not to hire you.

DC Houghton, esq. said...

Mike- I've played with one of the 5.56 Rem pumps at a gun shop. I was sorta "meh" about it. I'd rather have my old friend, the AR. I already have a fantastic little M&P15, but I'd like the .308 for better barrier penetration and because I want an AR-10. The $1700 figure was for the rifle with some factory options (chromed bolt, Falcon grips, picatinny gas block, etc) and an EOTech 512AA. Another $140 in mags and I'm done. I load my own .308 match rounds, but would probably carry NATO surplus or American Eagle FMJs, which I've used with great success in my Savage 10FCP.

Nora--I smoked the tests. Talked informally with the Chief and Assistant Chief for an hour or so. They were trying to help me find a rental in town "just in case" I get the job. Not in the bag yet, as I have to interview with the Mayor's hiring board. Looks good though. Thinking positive!

James said...

I never thought to mention this, but since you want a .308 with short OAL, and you might be willing to spend an absurd amount of money on a FAL-alike, why not get a Kel-Tec RFB? .308, small bullpup package what's short ALL the time, and it's actually not too absurd on the price front at $1800. I think it runs on FAL mags, or G3 mags or something reasonable and not Kel-Tec specific.

I'd carry a rifle AND a shotgun. "Because you can."

DC Houghton, esq. said...

I'll have to wait for the RFB to build a reputation. The FAL has has been kicking ass around the globe since the 1950s. The AR10 never really caught on for reasons I'll never understand, but the platform has proven itself through several wars. Add in Kel Tec's famous QC problems and I think I'll pass. Until the platform proves itself anyway. I don't want to be the guy who proves it doesn't work.

James said...

There are some dudes that have put several thousand rounds downrange with theirs, and the ones who've complained speak of the same problem: some spot welds on the bolt carrier fail.

Kel-Tec repairs them for free, but...