Friday, July 9, 2010

Coming Soon: Kahr Arms CW9 Review!

I traded off my trusty S&W 442 for a Kahr Arms CW9 this morning. I should get some range time tonight, and quite a bit over the weekend. Coincidentally, my steel plate rack should be in this afternoon, so I may turn the little guy loose on that this weekend. Oh, and the Justin Timberlake vid is here because Kahr's tag line is "Thin Is Sexy". We'll see. I'm a Christina Hendricks fan myself.


Robbie Money Making Tips said...

man what a cool blog, i fucking love guns but unfortunately i live in the U.k so it's kindo hard to have 1 'legaly'

Zash Zone said...

yeah me too.. i live in indonesia. it's more hard. but i like to collect the airsoft ones :D