Wednesday, December 7, 2011

White Collar White Lighting

So while I'm off topic, I'd like to mention a new whiskey I just tried. It's from an Iowa distillery, and it's called "Cedar Ridge Unaged Whiskey". And it is one of the best things ever created by humans. Here's a festive picture of the bottle:

I'm drinking it neat at room temperature, and it's pretty awesome. The first note is like really good vodka or sake', which is to say, it doesn't have much flavor at first. But it goes down with a whisper of whiskey flavor, and very little heat. Very little heat, even though it is 100 proof. Be CAREFUL with this stuff.

I don't always drink unaged whiskey, but when I do, I drink Cedar Ridge.

Oh, and it's about the same price as Jack Daniels, only this stuff is good.

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