Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bring Back the .44AMP, For Charlie Bronson's Sake!

The AMT Automag was essentially the first successful attempt to put a ten pound cat in a five pound sack. It was the Desert Eagle of its day, except, I would argue that it is more useful because of its better ergonomics. Oh sure, it's still a bulky, heavy, hard kicking hand cannon. But just look how cool it is.

Behold the AMT Auto Mag in all its glory!

The best model, in my opinion, was the one chambered in .44 Auto Mag (.44 AMP). It chucked a 240 grain bullet at about 1450 feet per second, and held eight rounds. Now who doesn't need eight rounds of .44magnum style power? Why in the name of Charles Bronson did this thing just up and disappear? Well, there was a bit of a marketing problem. You see, in the late 1960s and early 1970s while it was still in production, AMT lost about $1000 per gun sold. The Auto Mag retailed for about $220 which kept it in competition with the big Colt and S&W revolvers of the day. Today, a used Auto Mag can fetch $2000 or more.

Which begs the question: Why doesn't someone start making them again? Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom sell 1911 pistols for $2000-$5000 each. And people BUY them. So why not release the Auto Mag .44 for say, $1500. I'd start saving pennies TODAY!

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Boy, that ghetto sure has a lot of Mad Max extras!