Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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James said...

Never been in combat but my experience in the Army is this:

I have NEVER had a malf using an AR15 that I maintained personally doing live fire that I couldn't attribute to a magazine. I've always cleaned and lubed my weapon properly and it works. Don't let the idiot RSO with a spray bottle of CLP spray the side of your BCG. Clean and lube before you hit the range and tell the RSO to f*** off, only with full military courtesy.

I have had VERY FEW malfs using blanks that I couldn't attribute to mags or BFA's. One day I put damn near 1000 blanks through my rifle doing opfor, and it didn't stop working.

Proper cleaning, proper lubrication. Don't be lazy. Don't treat it like you do your car. AR15's aren't built by third world factories next to the People's Kar. They have tight tolerances, because they're built to be accurate, not spray bullets in random places.