Monday, May 4, 2009

Shooting The TTC: A Real Romanian Fireball!

Again, not my pistol. Authentic pics to come when I'm not so lazy.

I went back to my home town after a long weekend at my National Guard unit to return James' car (my wife parked hers in the back seat of some guy's Chevy Silverado--she's fine, car is not). I stopped by my mom's place to throw laundry in, and to my surprise, my shipment of 7.62x25mm ammo from Sportsman's Guide had arrived. Shortly after changing into civilian clothes, James and I were off to the range to see what was what.

Initial tests show promise.

We set up a paper target at about 15 yards, and put up some clays as a makeshift plate rack. We shot the clays from about ten paces. James shot better than I did, but we both could kill clays from ten paces or better. I put a few rounds into the paper and all I figured out was that my trigger pull needs work. I made a nice group left of the bull's eye and then another nice tight group just above the bull's eye. It is a very accurate pistol in the right hands. I still claim that I was just hurting from the physical fitness test (push-ups, sit-ups, and 2mi run) combined with the 6.5mi road march under a full load.

The trigger on the TTC is really nice. It is long, smooth, and light with a crisp break. The grip angle is a bit strange, but very workable. The safety was initially nearly impossible to move, but now clicks off and on crisply. It had no failures to feed or eject with about 110 round of Bulgarian surplus ammo which was manufactured in 1951. That ammo had maybe six or seven bad primers, but I simply thumbed the hammer back again and gave it a second tap and every one went "KAABOOOOOM!".

Building on that last statement, the 7.62x25mm has MASSIVE muzzle blast, complete with huge fireball and moderate recoil. I would say it is like shooting a 110gr .357 magnum load. There's a lot of fanfare every time you bust a cap. It was quite fun to shoot, but double taps were slowed down because the giant mushroom cloud of fire that exits the muzzle upon ignition would completely obscure the target. I love it.

In short, I'm rating this a "must have" range toy or woods companion. It's cheap, reliable, powerful, and all kinds of fun to shoot. Go visit J&G sales before they're all gone. Oh, and opt for the "hand select" option. Enjoy.


James said...

I demand an update with pics of the brake disc!

DC Houghton, esq. said...

To come this weekend. I plan to brag on the brake disc A LOT.

Sportsman's Guide sent me a coupon for $10 off my next order of $99 or more. I think I'm going to get another spam can of Romanian ammo.

Milsurps rock.