Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tokarev Update: Hammer Time(ing problems)

I took my Tokarev out last Friday and Saturday only to find that the hammer followed the slide back to the safety notch just about every time I pulled the trigger. Exasperated, I spent a few hours inspecting the TTC in great detail. The problem was that the slide was moving too fast, and the hammer spring was resisting the disconnector so much that it couldn't reset reliably. Thus, upon pulling the trigger the hammer would fall and fire the chambered round. The slide would move, which ejected the spent case and loaded the next round. The slide was engaging the disconnector on its way backward, but the hammer was resisting too much, and combined with the slide moving too fast, the hammer was not resetting and falling back to the safety notch instead of staying fully locked back. But being a full-fledged Gun Nut, I decided to gut the trigger pack (which comes apart like Legos) and clip the hammer spring. I cut off two coils and voila! The hammer problem was greatly reduced. It did it three times through 100 rounds, and today, I put 64 rounds through it and it never did it. I have a new recoil spring on the way which should slow the slide better and cure the problem entirely.

In other news, I ordered two new mags from www.keepshooting.com and one was fantastic. The other one had some feed lip issues. If you weren't looking straight at the top of the left feed lip, you wouldn't notice that it was smashed completely flat. Using only pliers and some brass punches, I fixed the problem and that mag works fine too.

The TTC continues to be accurate and very reliable, save for the hammer problem which I think I have cured. I have to change my rating from "must have" to "must have if you are comfortable with tinkering". Cheers.

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