Saturday, August 18, 2012

Flatland DIY Nut

I was installing a sewer vent in a new commercial building the other day when I had an awesome idea for a PVC target stand. There are a number of designs out there, but the one I came up with (well, someone has undoubtedly built one before), is versatile and cheap. I can get three and a half stands out of two 10' sticks of 1.5" schedule 40 PVC. Each stand requires four PVC 90 degree elbows ("slip joint" or "glue joint" for all fittings), two 1.5" tees (sanitary or regular will work, but sanitary is usually cheaper), and some PVC primer and glue. You'll also need furring strips to use as uprights. Here's a rough step-by-step.

You can use whatever dimensions you want, but mine are: 2@ 12.75", 4@ 5", 2@10" (the last two are the upright pieces--and not in this picture). This configuration gives me a roughly 18"x18" base.

Glue the 90s onto the 12.75" pieces, and use a level surface to level the 90s before the glue sets. The purple stuff is primer, and the glue is clear. Wear safety glasses and gloves when doing this. PVC primer and glue are seriously caustic. 

Assemble the pieces thusly, and use something to level the tees. Being a plumbing apprentice, I have a torpedo level to do this. 

You didn't build that.
This is what the completed stand looks like. This is also what the inside of my garage looks like. If it gets windy, you can stabilize it with a sandbag, or get really creative and fill the PVC with sand. I don't hold the furring strips in the PVC with anything but gravity. If you shoot one off, you can pull it and replace it quickly. Enjoy your new target stand.

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