Sunday, August 26, 2012

Iowa Firearms Coalition 2A Rally!

I got out to the IFC's Second Amendment Rally at the Big Springs Range on Saturday. There were some big-wig speakers, to include Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. There were a couple of vendors, to include Controlled Chaos Arms and Brownells, though Brownells spent most of their time handing out freebies. I got out of there with a free triple mag pouch for AR15 20rd mags. I bought a CCA hat, then shot a Mini-Uzi, and shot a 3-gun demonstration mini-stage. Also, Savage Arms had a table of their newest arrivals, to include a 300 WinMag 110 BA available to shoot for free. Also, the American Silencer Association had a table of suppressed weapons that were also available to fire for free. I shot a suppressed 1911, and it was awesome. I also shot a Savage Model 25 lightweight varminter, and of course the 110 BA.

Below is a video of some class III available for rent, as well as yours truly beating the day's best time on the 3-gun mini-stage. Followed by a Ricky Bobby-esque interview. I don't talk so good, but I can shoot straight. Video below belongs to CRI, shared via YouTube.

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