Thursday, November 26, 2009


I got a phone call from my unit about a month ago saying I'd be taking another all-expenses-paid trip overseas next year. In that spirit, I thought I'd list the gear I'd take if I ran the world. So here we go, starting from the ground up.

Multi Cam, BDU cut from Crye Precision. Moving on.


Crye Precision Armor Chassis Gen 2. It's breathable and sensibly laid out to preserve your range of motion. It's got to be better than the old IBAS I used last time. I'd get a multicam tac vest to wear over it. Something like the one below, but in multicam.
THE GUNS:I'd pick the Remington ACR (designed by Magpul, so it's a work of genius) as my rifle. Since it is essentially a Lego set from hell, I'd put a 16" barrel on and have it chambered in 6.5 Grendel for some extra range over the 5.56x45 NATO. No matter because changing calibers is as easy as pushing a couple of pins and locking a new barrel assembly in place. I'd put an EOTech holographic sight on it for good measure.These are also a work of genius. The EOTech sight is the best holographic out there, and it's pretty reasonably priced to boot. They're durable, accurate, reliable, and take very common AA batteries. I've seen these turn in 1 MOA groups on AR-15 rifles. The Aimpoints we've been issued in the past have been very fragile, moody, and annoying. Last time I was in Afghanistan, the SF team that lived down the street from us were all issued Aimpoints, but ended up buying EOTechs. I don't think there's a much better endorsement out there.

Of course, I'd also carry a handgun. I'd choose the S&W M&P9 standard model with a 4" barrel. The M&P9 is better than the Beretta M9 in every possible way. Lighter, more accurate, better trigger, better ergonomics, more capacity, and I think it's the fastest handling gun I've had the pleasure of firing. Handguns are a last resort at war, but it's better to have and not need, etc., etc. I'd only carry three magazines for it, and the gun would go cross-draw on my tac vest because I imagine I'll be in vehicles a lot. I really like the Blackhawk Serpa on a drop rig on my thigh, but it is impossible to draw while seated and gets banged by the door if you're on the passenger's side.

The first thing you need to know is that the purpose of a knife at war is to impress your friends, not slice the enemy's face open. They're also handy for opening MRE rations and prying rounds off the bolt face of a Mk-19 grenade machinegun. That's what I did with mine and I really can't think of a reason why I'd be using a knife for combat unless things really went terribly wrong. This big fella should be plenty impressive, and looks like it would be great at prying things. It comes from CRKT, my favorite knife maker, and is over a foot long.

So there it is, I'll have multicam clothes and equipment, what I think will prove to be the most innovative rifle design for years to come, the best handgun on the market right now, the best holographic weapon sight, and the flashiest knife possible. Now we just wait for someone at the Pentagon to read this and start refitting the Army. FLGN out.


Huey148 said...

Good luck to you. did my time over there circa 06 with "the best" the Army had to offer. of course you know you are going to be issued the Army special of the moment when you get to your mob site and RFI, but hey, we can wish can't we.

Reasonsjester said...

With a knife like that, you're unit would be calling you "The Butcher" in no time!

James said...

No AUG? You sadden me.

Actually I'd take a more accurate rifle in the mountains, too. AUG is better suited to Iraq.

Not that I'll ever be in either place. My unit is worthless at war, and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

On that topic, I offered (to my Plt. Sgt) to pay my bonus back if I could leave the pitch black commo tent from hell and go home last drill. I got turned down.

I really would have paid it back, just then.

Anonymous said...

are you allowed to use dragonskin? if you are, i would save up for some dragonskin inserts to put in that chassis.

Yempee Oss said...

How Much ?