Thursday, November 12, 2009

Talking 10MM

Above: Video of the first tests of a 10mm Automatic.

My hetero-lifepartner announced the other day that he's getting a Colt Delta Elite with his re-enlistment bonus. That got me thinking about something in 10mm. Join me on my train of thought.

First, I thought about getting a Delta Elite myself.
But for the $1100 price tag you get plain Jane sights, and a standard grip safety (most people shoot a deep cut beavertail type better). You'll get Colt's street cred, but I'm not sure this is the most you can get for your $1100.

Which brought me to the Dan Wesson RZ-10 Razorback.
These go for about $1100 also, but you get a beavertail grip safety and Novak sights. Oh, and it's pretty much hand-built. Expensive, but I think they're worth it. I love me a 1911A1. I think that in 100 years, people will still get all misty-eyed when talking about their 1911. Still, $1100 is a LOT of money. And if you want to shoot it, you'll need to take up reloading (which I do, but I'll need a new set of dies, powder, and the like) or get comfortable with paying $2 per shot. Reloading is still costly, but most people can find space in their budget for it. Especially for a gun this cool.

But then I talked to James about it and he reminded me about the EAA Witness Elite Match.
This is a single-action only variant of the EAA Witness. It also has adjustable sights and holds a whopping 15 rounds of 10mm while the 1911s only carry nine. And it costs about $550. That's right, $550. Can you say "Value for money"? I could buy tools and components for 1000 rounds of 10mm on top of buying the pistol and still NOT spend the same $1100 commanded by the Dan Wesson and Colt pieces. Hmmmm....

But why a 10mm? Well, it's pretty much the most bang you can get in a reasonably sized automatic pistol. The .45 Automatic, which about half of the pistol shooting world swears by produces about 400 ft/lbs of energy with a pretty briskly loaded 230 grain projectile. The 10mm can get over 600 ft/lbs with a 155 grain bullet over a maximum load of Longshot. Plus, right now, it is cheaper to reload for 10mm than for .45 Auto.

Now if only I had a real job....


James said...

You forgot this.

Because no matter how you rationalize it, if you don't shoot 10mm, it's because it hurts your girly wrists.

Anonymous said...

That's not a nuclear explosion - THIS is a nuclear explosion: