Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Am A Gun Hipster

My Para LTC is now in the capable hands of Controlled Chaos Arms for new guts and cerakote after an unfortunate mishap involving Gov't parts in a Commander frame. It may have been my fault. But enough about that.

I've been agonizing for months over whether or not to tell my wife I need a Glock 19, and beg for permission to buy one. But everyone and their dog has a Glock. I want to be different. Cooler. More ironic. So I give you my current hardware crush: The FNX-9.

This re-release of the FNP-9 features more aggressive texturing, and some unknown changes I can't verify right now because I'm lazy. The FNP's standard mag was 16 rounds, and the FNX holds 17--which is on par with the Glock 17. FN sends you three magazines, and costs about the same as a Gen 4 Glock. But wait, there's more.

FN uses hammer-forged barrels. Stainless steel in everything that can rust. And FN just makes good guns, period. All of my favorite Army-issued M16s were made by FN. I had two such FNs that shot a one-hole zero group at 25 meters. Everything I've seen from FN has been top-shelf, and very rugged. 

So what? Well, the FNX has a couple of very big, very cool tricks up its sleeve. First, ALL of the controls are fully ambidextrous. Got a weak-hand only stage at your next match? No proooblem. Second, the safety can be anything you want it to be. If you like traditional DA/SA, then it's a decocker. If you like 1911s, then it's a regular old thumb safety. You can be a real hipster and carry cocked and locked. Though, if I'm honest, the FNX is a little too large for carry. See the Vuurwapenblog review below for some size comparisons. 

Tomorrow, I'll see if I can track one down to fondle. I gotta get out and pick up some .22lr anyway. Good excuse to hit up my favorite gun store. 


James said...

Have to agree on the FN M16's. Too bad we're not like Switzerland where you're permanently issued your service rifle, I'd love to have 7287976 back. It killed many green ivans.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I miss 7366928. That thing shot a one-hole zero group every single time.

In other news, I looked at the EAA Witness Match at Buds. It's only $30 less than the FN, and just as hard to find holsters for.

I set up my old 1911 Gov't for this weekend. If I can place in the top 10 over all, I'll consider "upgrading" to the FN. Otherwise, I'll just go and have fun and struggle against my mediocrity.