Monday, September 3, 2012

Number Two: The Case For A Bellyband

There have been a number of cases of folks leaving their carry pieces in public toilets. Most high profile of which was a Secret Service agent who left their gun in an airplane bathroom. With the increase in number of folks carrying, it makes sense that there would be an uptick in incidents like this. Not everyone has had the pleasure of carrying an M4, M9, and M14EBR everywhere they go for months or years on end. Here's a couple of ideas of how to retain your iron while passing your fiber.

You're in the mall when suddenly that Panda Express suddenly exacts its revenge. Of course you're carrying concealed. What now? The Yankee Marshal has some ideas, then I chime in with a case for carrying a revolver and bellybands.

I carry my SP101 almost exclusively. It's just too easy to hide, and with five rounds of Buffalo Bore 158gr JHPs on board, I don't feel under-gunned. Because it has a very heavy trigger, I feel very comfortable carrying it "appendix" style in a bellyband. Aside from being comfortable, the bellyband can help you keep positive control of your gun while losing control of your bowels. Observe first, my usual carry position:

Now, say I've eaten some bad Chinese food (not picking on the Chinese, but that's usually the cause of my intestinal unrest) and I need relief immediately. Well, I can slide the whole bellyband up to my chest level. This maneuver is incredibly easy, and you cannot possibly lose your gun this way:

This works for me. If you have a different way, that's great. Never leave your gun behind. Do test runs in your bathroom at home before trying it out in the wild. Be safe and continue to give lawfully armed citizens a good name. 

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