Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fixx-ing The Hi-Power

I have started down the road of either perfecting or ruining the trigger on my vintage FN Hi-Power. Yesterday, I had a moment of weakness and ordered a trigger with slightly altered geometry which will take care of the extra slack before the break. Of less concern will be getting a lighter hammer spring and perhaps a lighter hammer altogether.

But wait, there's more. I got an update on my FaceTube from CCA about a Veteran's Day cerakote deal, so the Hi-Power might go in ahead of schedule for a little cosmetic surgery. I'm thinking "Blue Titanium" as the base coat and all the controls (and possibly the barrel) in "Tungsten".

I'm spoiled (and soon to be very poor) by having a good 'smith nearby and being within spitting distance of Brownells, but still a short hop from MidwayUSA. I write this partly as a warning to folks who are thinking about doing a custom gun. The Fixx got it dead right: one thing leads to another. I have two custom guns from CCA and it looks like before year's end, I'll have a third.

PS, I just got a shipping notice on my PSA barreled upper receiver. Look for a review of my frankengun in the next week or two.


James said...

What are you thinking of doing with the grips? I like the Hogues (haven't run across any that I've disliked) but they're not very hipster.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I'd like to do custom wood grips that are similar in dimension to the Hogues, but that will probably cost more than cerakote. I might leave the Hogues in keeping with my SAS theme.