Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things I Learned Today

I got up early this morning, downed a pot of black coffee, and donned my Captain America shirt in preparation for the monthly USPSA match. I packed my fresh-from-the-smith Para LTC and The Golden Gun, and headed out.

There was a HUGE turnout early, and I waited about an hour to get on the line. I shot very well (for me anyway), keeping my time around the tactical tupperware guys and shooting a lot of As. The match was limited comstock, so both stages were 20 rounds, and you could only bring up 20 rounds (with exceptions made for revolvers--24rds). So the playing field was fairly level. After my two stages were complete, I ran back to my car and changed over to my wheelgun gear, and grabbed a box of old reloads. That's when things started to go downhill. Fast.

My revolver score sheet had gone missing, but I found it in the clubhouse. I ran out to the line and gave it to the RO and was placed at the bottom of that order. I got all set up, and the timer buzzed, setting a series of unfortunate events in motion. I screwed up my draw, but figured it out and squeezed the trigger twice at a target 3 yards away. And saw no bullet holes. I immediately knew what was wrong, broke the cylinder open and dumped my ammo and called a ceasefire.

That's right. I'm an idiot. There was no powder in my reloads. To make matters worse, they are Hornady XTP 125gr bullets, and therefore will not budge from my bore until I drill the core out and hammer them out with a 5/16" dowel rod.

So for now, I'm down to my Model 64 for a competition revolver, and I'll be carefully inspecting all of my reloads before they go back in the ammo can. Let that be a lesson to fellow reloaders. Stay focused at the bench, and double check everything!

Now to clean the Para and put my gear away for next month. Stay tuned for my Frankengun AR-15 rifle build. All the parts have been ordered, and should be here in the next two weeks.


James said...

I have roll pin punches if you want to borrow them to assemble your lower. Works beautifully for the trigger guard and bolt catch/stop/release/whatever.

James said...

Also, what is this cleaning you speak of? Should I do it to my G21? I've just been wiping the carbon off the muzzle with a rag and calling it good.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I might stop down there once the parts all get here. I will take you up on your kind offer of a charging handle, unless you're using it on your new upper. PSA is shipping the upper and LPK, and I don't have a shipping notice for either one yet. Also, the lower hasn't showed up at CCA.

"Cleaning" is a religious ritual engaged in by followers of John M Browning (peace be upon him). During "cleaning" one must focus hard and purge all carbon and fouling from their JMB (PBUH) gun, while sacrificing much personal time and Hoppe's solvent.

James said...

Standard CH still available. I should have three of the damn things, but I can't seem to find the third one. Oh well, two is all that's needed.