Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't You Want [An AR Pistol]?

I've been half-assedly looking for a project (not a "project" like my failed AR24), and I think I've got one. A friend of mine built a badass custom AR pistol, and it has me wanting to do the same. His parts list (and paint job) are a little higher-dollar than my concept, but it's largely the same. I figure I could build this thing for around $1000, and I have enough leftover AR parts in my toolbox that I can just about finish the lower without spending too much. 

So here's my parts list:
The upper: Rainier Arms CE10. 
The lower: PSA AR15 Lower 

The Parts Kit: Spike's Tactical no-trigger/hammer kit. (no pic because screws and pins aren't interesting to look at)

The Buffer: PSA Pistol Buffer Kit 

I'm probably going to buy a used EOTech micro from one of my friends to finish it off. I may also put on some Magpul MBUIS sights. Also, here's a pic of my friend's pistol before it got cerakoted. I probably won't cerakote mine, at least not immediately. Provided my wife will agree to let me spend $1000 on a toy.


James said...

I'd strongly consider putting a CAR tube on there. Having one lower and multiple uppers is a great way to save dough if you want to have more than one AR-15. And the ATF has clearly given the go-ahead.

Just something to think about - you can get the Aimpoint PRO - basically a Comp M2 - for $400 brand new with an AimPoint mount that isn't half bad. EOTech's have almost universally shitty battery compartments (mine failed) poor battery life, and finicky buttons. If you want covers to keep the dust off the lenses, GG&G is your only option, I prefer the clear versions on my Aimpoint. The rotary switch on Aimpoints is far easier to manipulate with gloves on and you can turn it off or turn it on to a specific setting without even looking at it.

My EOTech did me fairly well for four years, but after the battery compartment went and I realized how retarded I must have looked every time I tried to turn the damn thing off, I decided to sell it.

James said...

Also, you might consider a buffer tube cover that covers the end of the tube.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

All of the Aimpoints I used in the army were completely useless, so I'm scared to commit. I once went through three in a row that were so broken that they wouldn't even zero, and scores that shut off under recoil. If I had the money, I'd put a Docter/ACOG on it just to be ridiculous. I will probably just buy another Vortex Strikefire though, since it's going to be a toy. My old one is faithfully serving on my MP5, but did do some time on my M&P15. I'm looking into carbine buffer tubes now. I'm sure I can get one for the same price point as the one pictures.

James said...

They were probably all beat to shit, too.

How does an Aimpoint with a rotary switch shut off under recoil? I've heard of that problem with EOTechs, but not Aimpoints.

James said...

This is 54.67 with the Brownells Mil/LEO discount:

There's also this: