Saturday, July 21, 2012

Safeties, I'm Like "f*** you!"

So in the last piece I wrote , I bragged on the accuracy and handling of my Para LTC. But there is another side to her. I experienced a failure I've never seen before. I had the slide locked back from shooting the second to last string, so I slapped in a magazine and racked the slide. But nothing happened. The slide lurched about 1/4" forward and stopped with a round partially in the chamber. So I did tap-rack-bang. But I got to "rack" and nothing happened. I locked the slide back, dropped the mag, and inspected the breech face and chamber. The firing pin was protruding about 1/4" out of the breech face. Why? Because the of the stupid Series 70 firing pin safety. I was able to replicate the failure when I got home and started playing with the slide. I don't know how to remedy it, and I'm going to be in contact with Controlled Chaos Arms to see if it can be removed.

The firing pin safety is useless in a 1911 because the firing pin is sprung from the front. Plus, modern firing pins are lightweight. So you'd have to get one hell of a fall with the impact directly in line with the muzzle to force a slamfire. WTF is with gun companies heaping safeties on their guns? Is it just lawyers making the calls? It's annoying, and I'm starting to get a little pissed about it.

Lawyers have also ruined late-model concealed carry guns like the LC9, S&W Bodyguard, and S&W Shield by putting manual safeties, mag safeties, safety safeties, etc on them. It's a carry gun! The whole point is to fire quickly, not see how many safeties you can disable before your attacker finally kills you!

Get rid of the damn safeties!!!!

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