Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project: The Man With The Golden Gun

Last fall, I traded my CZ-82 for a S&W Model 10. The Model 10 turned out to be a 10-3, and the finish is pretty rough. The grips were some old plastic target grips, which were broken. But the cylinder locks up like a Swiss watch and the trigger is like glass after 50 years of service. I replaced the broken grips with some soft rubber Pachmayr Presentation grips (which I hate. I ordered wooden "service" grips from Midway last night.).

Anyway, even after the cleaning and scrubbing, there's still some light rust pitting on the right side above the trigger. The finish is blotchy on the cylinder and just about gone around the muzzle. To remedy this, I've contacted Controlled Chaos Arms about re-finishing in Cerakote. And the color? Burnt bronze. I will be The Man With The Golden Gun.

Essentially the color scheme I want
I love old S&W revolvers, and I can't wait to give new life to the old, worn and world-weary 10-3. Updates to follow.


James said...

Dude, I INVENTED burnt bronze.

I think it will look great though. And it should enable one shot kills.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I'm about to chicken out on burnt bronze. I think doing it in graphite black would be close to the original finish, but better.

James said...

But then there's this:

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I could work with that. I want to do the guide rod black and the top strap also. I will talk to the man about how much more two-tone will cost. If it's a lot more, the m10 will end up graphite black.

James said...

I think he disassembles them to coat and bake. Dunno about the two-tone though.