Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Mistake. Four Coffins.

I got out to my sister's place out in the country today. I did some more seven yard draw-and-fire practice, this time with Buffalo Bore, Federal Fusion, and Winchester White Box "Self-Defense". To be perfectly clear, I step off 7 big paces, and I draw from concealment and fire as soon as the barrel is between me and the target. It's more hip-shooting than "flash sight picture". I draw, get the muzzle between me and the target and fire. Here's my first go with 5 shots of Buffalo Bore 158 High Velocity, 5 of Federal Fusion 158gr, and 5 WWB 110gr "Self Defense".

The extra holes in the cardboard were from me wringing out that Model 10, which will probably go to CCA next week to be Cerakoted. I shot it at 25 yards and my group was in the right side of the target, but I know it was my trigger pull being hampered by the much-too-fat Pachmayr Presentation grips. Anyway, all 15 went into a sheet of 8.5"x11" paper. Not bad for using my cowboy sense instead of a sight picture. 

This is a shitty picture of my next 15 rounds, which were 5 rounds of 110gr Winchester, and 10 rounds of 125gr 38spl +p. Again, all on paper, and three rounds in a row went into the ragged spot in the 4 o'clock of the bullseye. 

This isn't something you need to spend hours and hundreds of rounds practicing, but it is something you should practice. Time to first shot is a big deal. Where that shot goes is an even bigger deal. And doing this is fun. Now back to work for the week! Some of us don't get the Fourth of July off. 


James said...

Anymore I do more or less the same thing. I'll usually start and end with slow, aimed fire just to make sure that I haven't developed a flinch.

I try to push myself fast enough that I'll miss the cardboard bad guy entirely once or twice. And since I don't use archaic weapons with obnoxiously long trigger pulls, I fire two or three shots instead of just one. ;)

I really need to invest in a real shot timer - but there's an Android App for that.

The Flatland Gun Nut said...

I can get a reasonably quick double with Winchester 110gr. Buffalo Bore is a bit more work. Three in a row isn't happening with anything other than 38+p. But, I figure if I can get one 685ft/lb Buffalo Bore in the right spot, I'll have a bit more time to send the next one. Provided the attacker didn't explode from the first shot.

James said...

Also, these are pretty much awesome: